Customer relation analytics

With our business records, analytics and sales intelligence you can choose solution that will help focusing on the right prospects, so you can generate immediate growth for your business.

Do not miss any real selling opportunities with our search capabilities, intelligence and innovative analytical features like sales prospects, smart target lists, campaign lists, personalized sales analysis and financial and technology reports.

Industry analysis and market research reports will lead to sales acceleration and greater understanding of your target accounts. The results of the work can be easily integrated in CRM systems.

How can TG Marketing help you to reach your Marketing and sales goals?


Find out more about your protentional clients, know who to call and what to say. That's and a lot more thanks to our predictive indicators, industry analysis and market research.

Focus on your best targets

Monitor your key account and stay informed of new sales opportunities and news.

Grow globally

Gather your leads directly to your CRM and increase effectivity of your campaigns. Focusing on the most relevant opportunities is the key to the Global Business.

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